Pressure Washing

by Mark I Myhre

If you’re gonna be pressure washing, you may as well be in Florida! Imagine how much fun it would be pressure washing up in the frozen northland. Getting soaked to the bone when it’s freezing outside… Honestly, I don’t know how people live up north!

Pressure washing is often a necessary step when painting exterior surfaces. Especially in Florida, where mildew runs rampant if left unchecked.

You might not realize it, but there’s an art to proper pressure washing. Most surfaces need to be sprayed with a dilute solution of bleach before applying the high pressure. Some surfaces need to be hit twice with bleach. Other surfaces don’t need to be hit with bleach at all. It just depends.

Also, you need just the right amount of pressure when you’re going over the surfaces. You don’t want to hold the gun too close, or too far away, from the surface you’re cleaning. Too close, and you’re liable to dig into the walls. Too far away, and you won’t clean the surface properly.

And when it comes to cleaning driveways and walkways… whatever you do, you MUST go over those surfaces in a uniform manner. Otherwise, you’ll get streaking and it won’t look right.

Finally, you’ve got to respect the force of the water coming out of the nozzle. I remember one homeowner who was pressure washing the front of his house, and the gun accidently swerved out of his hand and he blasted his leg with the full force of the machine. It tore his leg up pretty bad. Looking at it, you’d never guess it was just from pressure washing a house.

When you first pull the trigger, the gun can flop around just from all the recoil action. Just like a real gun. Those machines aren’t toys. Think about it. If you’ve got a 3500 pounds per square inch pressure machine, well, that’s like the weight of a car pressing down on one square inch.

You can’t play around with that kind of force. Even if you are in Florida. And it’s hot. And you want to cool off…

Anyway, just give us a call. Tell us what you need done. Pressure washing in Gainesville Florida is pretty affordable.

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