Gainesville FL Painter

by Mark I Myhre


Here’s a few photos from a recent job… Just so you can see what a Gainesville FL Painter can do!  You’ve got to admit, this is a pretty nice house.  I wouldn’t mind living here…

Elegant staircase











 Here’s a few shots of Paul in the first step of faux painting the garage door to make it look like it’s made of wood.

Hard at work


From another angle...

And here’s the street view…

The joy of painting on a beautiful day

And here’s the finished product – although this picture just doesn’t do it justice!

Finished Garage Door

And here’s how it looks from another angle

Framed in black!

 This homeowner also has several businesses which we’ve painted.   In fact, we do all his painting.  To talk to him about the quality of our work, just contact us.  He’ll be glad to talk to you.
Mark – 352 214 6317
Paul – 352 870 1312

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Barry August 2, 2012 at 3:21 pm

I am a 37 year experienced paint contractor..and very rarely do we work by the hour… The only way we do this is on jobs where the client is indecisive about the particular paint product, the colors, or even the structure of the buildings layouts This is called cost plus..cost of the labor, the materials, and then 30% on top of that cost to cover our profit too for Our time and providing the labor and tools

Usually if the client is totally decided on what the building or house will look change in the plans, the paint products to be used or known and the colors are definate..then we give a straight bid price’

On cost plus will not be able to determine the exact price until the job is finished..For cost plus the rate is usually no less than 25.00 per hour per man, no matter if it is a lower earning laborer or a skilled tradesman..Commercial work will usually be 45.00 per man hour..Due to there are always many changes, you have more tradesmen messing up your work with thier debris, bumping into wet paint/texture so we have to redo it We have to come back many times due to this, thus making our other jobs in line to do be late to start or late to finsih unless we hire additional workers..If you know what materials you want used, the structure is definate and the color scheme , you would be better off getting a definate price from a straight bid rather than cost plus


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